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chartered town & country planning, energy & carbon consultants 



Civic is a multi-professional

planning, development control, 
architectural drawings, listed buildings,
building control

& energy and carbon consultancy

based on experienced expertise looking at your various interests, advising, acting, monitoring, representing on your behalf through all stages of planning appraisals, architectural drawings, (pre)Applications processes and back up, of regularisations, property development concepts, development discussions negotiations, infrastructure and of energy and carbon preassessments and audits from initial consultations to detailed presentations and certifications, regulations and law. Aimed at specific permissions processes in smooth transitions for your particular scales and levels of interests from minor issues to more substantial.

We tailor costs and give unlimited future liaison with end to end project support.


Our experienced architectural drawings computer aided design team liaises quickly as required to provide for your needs on an hours costs basis. We cost-effectively provide for private and corporate in-house margins. Contact us.
We also supply CAD for engineers/designers/fabricators/consultants.
Quotations for minor changes and Minor Applications, as for many other services, are inclusive. Contact us now to discuss.


Information or questions in confidence?
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We welcome all enquiries, helping to define any issue at any time, as also referrals from agents, clients, builders, constructors, manufacturers and government, providing free permissions information and cautious initial advice - you can be sure of a positive reception with our feet on the ground.

Civic has the facility to provide for all levels and scales of interests, progressions and welcomes all enquiries, offering you the potential, if you so wish, to refine levels of service - and you can help us define your brief, estimate or quotation.
Enquiries to use our services frequently include some initial approaches on our part.


We can advise quickly in confidence via discussions as also for services and innovation and you can consider particular aspects.

Issues involving running costs processes we aim to inspect as quickly as possible for you, with appreciation of valuations and active representations as you require - and, if you wish, taking in confidence the opportunity to look at other issues.
We offer progressive sustained guidance towards both immediate and strategic movements for a wide range of prospects.


All Advised Appraisals, (pre)Applications, (pre)Assessments, Audits


We specialise in property regularisations advice management to facilitate conveyances and liaise any enforcement, the latter which at times may appear during subsequent planning, listed building or building control Applications.


We are also asked to find development projects for project financing and investment opportunities covering a full range of interests. Please contact us.


Clear Priorities

Choose to consult with us and we prioritise your particular interests.
We deal with most service enquiries, liaison and referrals in confidence relatively quickly especially refurbishment and smaller changes, property purchasing and specialists. Please Ask.

Clients always own their designs and plans on-site copyrights, as per our terms and conditions, ensuring conveyancing, enfranchising and copying convenience with no obligation to further commissions - if altered, with due removal of our professional keys or our acquiescence.


contact us to for further information, sources and services


CIVIC PLANNING & DESIGN GROUP is an active member of ESTA
We have an ambitious team approach


Civic is made up of core professional Planning, Development Control, Listed Buildings, Building Control Principals and, more recently, those for Energy and Carbon, together with a wide body of associates who are partners in associated professional property and environmental specialist firms who agree to provide work for the consultancy.



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