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Civic is a multi-professional planning, listed buildings, building control, carbon and energy consultancy based on consistent expert experience of submitting Applications, Permissions and Assessments, advising you and acting on your behalf through all stages of the planning process, energy and carbon requirements from initial consultations and full concepts development, computer aided plans, and facilitating needed detailed representations.
We believe in getting our feet on the ground - are you being told that you need this or that or just processing?

We provide free available permissions information and cautious initial advice, subsequent preassessments and full services provisions as needed.
We can advise very quickly via discussions as also innovative and considered positions facilitating representations.

Contexts involving cost processes we aim to inspect as quickly as possible with practical assessments, asset uses and valuations, and effective representations - also with the ability to comment on associated issues.
Civic has the facility to provide for all scales of private and corporate services, none too small or large, and welcomes context enquiries concerning your requirements.
We are an independent consultancy services provider in CAD plans & architectural drawings, professional planning & applications, property & infrastructure development, energy and carbon advice and services, regulations and law.
We provide open options services discussions, permissions appraisals, precursive discussions and research - offering you the potential to define your level of service provision sustaining consistent liaison in confidence.



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CIVIC PLANNING & DESIGN GROUP is an active member of ESTA

We have a team approach.

Civic is made up of core professional Planning, Listed Buildings & Building Control Principals, and, more recently, those for Energy and Carbon, together with a wide body of associates who are partners in associated professional property and environmental specialist firms who agree to provide work for the consultancy.
We aim to provide specialist expertise to ensure successful management and development information and constructs.


Our primary aim is to facilitate permissions through informative dialogue and Applications.

The consultancy always offers to define issues, plans and proposals and encourages clients, if they so wish, to conduct negotiations liaising with us in procedure.

CivicP&DG assists clients in a wholly positive attitude for their interests facilitating all kinds of potentials and discernments and is resource-orientated.

Regularisations representations of works and activities already undertaken constitute a significant part of our workload.

Prospective clients are always welcome to discuss in confidence advice, services and experience.




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With Civic Planning & Design Group you can consider particular aspects.

Providing confidential advisory planning and development discussions, representations, regularisations and fast Minor, Pre & Full Applications Services and Professional Energy Management and Carbon advice and services these are aimed at specific permissions in smooth transitions for your particular scales and levels of interests for which in advance we may be able to offer progressive guidance and prospects and a sustained level of improvement.

Enquiries to use our services to the extent you wish are most welcome and as a measure of economy you might further consider an initial short term approach use of proposals.

We also specialise in regularisation managing advice and representations services, particularly where accurate conveyances are necessary or enforcement involvement becomes an issue, the latter which may consequently occur during any subsequent planning or building control Applications, and does so concerning listed buildings.


Our Priorities

Choose to consult with us and we put your particular interests first in our order of priorities.
Referrals and most service enquiries are able to be dealt with immediately. Future client liaison can be continuous and is at request inclusive.

Clients always own their designs and plans pdf copyrights for their site design, as per our terms and conditions, ensuring conveyancing, enfranchisement and copying convenience with no obligation to further commissions.

Apart from appraisals and assessments we provide immediate services for purchase offers, cost-effective quotations and technical specialist servicing without obligation, for which a minor charge is agreed.

Our experienced computer aided architectural drawings C.A.D.sections teams are able to quickly liaise to provide floor spaces, elevations and site plans for given measurements or to measure such accurately to provide your needs. We can also cost-effectively provide for all corporate interests at in-house margins for computer aided draughting and design for multiple uses, buildings and sites. Contact us.
We also supply CAD for exterior uses with engineering designers/fabricators/consultants.
New and existing clients benefit throughout from cost-effective margins being explained and agreed.

Opportunities for Planning, Plans, Energy & Carbon

If you’re looking for property or energy development, derived entrepreneurial or employment opportunities look no further than this forward thinking consultancy advocating flexible uses, designs, pertinent energy and carbon management services throughout London and Nationwide.

In order to appreciate the best possible team prospects we maintain critical interest in property and infrastructure development and energy and carbon skills, liaising with many skilled personnel servicing businesses, corporate industries, specialist solicitors, estate agencies, builders and construction firms.

We encourage referrals through assisting your development opportunities at any time and we provide extensive liaisons and representations towards your personal and corporate skills enhancement.