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more space and better space
more/ better changes of uses - amendments - conversions works
elevations details - buildings extensions
listed buildings (interiors)

spatial appraisals and proposals

planning guidance and representations
computer aided design proposals/ formats/ access provisions
bespoke/ comparative architectural drawings, floor plans, elevations, details
customised costs estimates and quotations
updating appraisals and requirements liaison
regularisations ( purchases/ sales conveyances liason)(listed buildings)

All Applications, plans, all consultative services, all quotations

domestic/ landlord/ property & investment companies/ business/ commercial/ bars-restaurants-takeaways-leisure-sports/ institutional/ plant/ industry and infrastructure requirements


architectural cad drawings details, Planning Applications and regularisations

all types of detailed Listed Building Consent and Conservation Area Applications/ 

Building Control back-up - we deal with it

consultation to your management requirements

proposals and changes schedules


Certificates of Lawfulness representations management

Liaison with Council Departments and Agencies


complementary concepts, proposals and services

works teams


We recognise that small scale commercial and residential improvements, maintenance and uses deserve a inore minor services costs category, at times primarily of CAD plans costs with proactive client management.
- we offer end to end project support, specific needs, immediate pertinent service.


In detail of all kinds we offer conveyances and enfranchisement support, site management and works - our multi-disciplinary town & country planning consultancy serves clients at all scales and stages locally and nationally.

No matter how small, simple or complex the proposal or issue we can provide expert, practical experienced advice and services from start to finish for construction in time-served, short or medium term, inclusive of works for listed buildings as so required.
You will not want for our providing suggestions.

We can initiate and integrate your needs throughout efficiently and quickly with professional expertise, data and technical skills - and we welcome clients' close participation, ourselves providing primarily plans, proposals and representations as so required.


Valuable Client Assistance

The earlier our advice and services are considered the more scope exists for us to increase detailed options and cost-effectiveness - starting with initial effective confidential discussions of needs and interests and going the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction, we detail site and floor spaces, uses, elements and elevations designs, together with listed buildings specs and building control for all Applications, including regularisations.

The consultancy focuses on planning authority support, precedent and costs.

Experienced conversions and extensions design
Uses feasibilities provisions

Interiors efficiencies and fittings proposals
Negotiated delegated minor details approvals
Listed buildings details
Regularisations details

Plans and architectural drawings assemblies, details changes

Building regulations requirements, structural works

On-call maintenance servicing and monitoring

Industrial sites works

Works teams (like to be kept busy)

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