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One of the most difficult aspects involving listed buildings plans is the degree of measured proportions and detailing in scaled drawings plans required in order to consider fully listed building consent proposals and Applications and Conservation Area Applications - the consultancy provides all such plans proposals. Contact us immediately.

In an attempt to keep costs as low as possible we detail up to standard and beyond where additional description is required. Individual items proposed for change may at times be required in our larger scale drawings.


The principles supporting proposed changes need to be considered most carefully in terms of their suitabilty to the historic character and components of the building and preparation is therefore a crucial item of the day.


Change which would have seemed normal at the time to most of the builders of most buildings listed today is now most carefully controlled but such still requires consistent discussions for the clients with case and conservation officers.

We also provide unlimited advice, liaison and services where necessary for regularisation and enforcement concerns affecting listed and other buildings giving you (pre)assessments and audits for your particular scales and levels of interests and end to end project support.

Perhaps it is useful to consider that some of our most prestigous Georgian terraces in places such as Bath were concerned almost exclusively with the public face of the buildings, their rear elevations given a degree of influence from their owners.

Our concern at Civic is in being able to accommodate change to an acceptable degree.

The difficulty is, of course, always in the degree.


We look for underlying benefit in the resources involved and additional references of use, without creating adverse effects.


Talk to us in confidence.


Civic is a multi-professional consultancy based on decades of providing computer assisted plans and proposals for Listed Building Consent Applications Submissions and Permissions in London and the Regions and with experience of Conservation Area Panels and survey work.

The Group is made up of core professional Planning, Listed Buildings, Building Control, Energy and Carbon Principals and a wide body of associates who are partners in associated professional property and environmental specialist firms who agree to provide work for the consultancy.

We aim to provide specialist expertise to ensure successful dissemination of pertinent details through informed dialogue discussions.

If possible for minor details we seek simple delegated Council staff guidance and agreement.


We encourage clients to support their own rationales with integral professional support as to why development or associated details should take place providing professional support at all times.


Civic Planning & Design Energy & Carbon Group assists clients to facilitate all kinds of potentials and interests and is resource-orientated.

Clients are welcome to discuss our projects and experience.