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We offer comprehensive advice and services ranging from simple to exhaustive multi-professional approaches for specific domestic, private and corporate interests and portfolios.
Planning is primarily about getting in to something and this is what we do for clients.

Civic is a multi-professional consultancy based on decades of experience providing Applications Permissions and computer aided design projects throughout London and the Regions and more recently comprehensive advice and services for Energy and Carbon.

We are made up of core professional Planning, Listed Buildings, Building Control, Energy and Carbon Principals and a wide body of associates in associated professional property, environmental, energy and carbon specialist firms who agree to provide work for the consultancy.

Your work will be managed by a principal and you are able to benefit as concisely as possible from this team approach with any participation you wish.
We integrate whatever specialist expertise to support your successful prospects and completions.

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Our primary aim is to facilitate permissions through informed discussions, agreements, Applications and (pre)Assessed Audits.

We encourage clients, where they wish to do so, to reinforce and promote their rationales as to why proposals should take place, ourselves instigating and supporting professionally at all times.

We assist clients in a wholly positive attitude facilitating their prospective interests and resource orientations.

Clients are welcome to discuss projects in advance at their convenience.



Established in 1984, the consultancy covers the entire planning process from advice, architectural and floor space drawings, designs and works/ materials to all alternative uses changes, policy considerations, sites and land planning proposals at all levels, scales and stages in the immediate, short and longer term. The consultancy has been offering energy advice since 2004 and more recently has set up comprehensive energy and carbon services which clients can draw upon and fully utilise at their discretion.

Our inclusive single or multiple services are for property, land and business tenants, owners, facilities managements, Councils and institutions in need of changes and, also servicing the needs of overseas clients, we are always prepared to go the extra mile for you, no provisions being excluded.

Further, we actively promote project development, financing and investment opportunities in rural and city contexts, as also for shared business, property and land ownerships.

Freely discuss details in confidence.

Working with Us

Our consultancy includes additional associated specialist skills aligned with effective project opportunities, especially providing work in planning, listed buildings and computer aided design.

We actively encourage practical in-project learning and assist continuous professional development, our teams taking pride in extending expertise outwards, fitting in robustly client staff interests.


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