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We welcome talking to you and helping, making ourselves and yourselves better informed

encouraging calls and promoting positive assistance
assisting you to shape any primary or secondary approaches

encouraging our professional advice and services in creative, expansive contexts.


What technically might be done to support your opportunities?

We welcome discussions with you in confidence without obligations detailing specifics, interests and depictions.


Town Planning and Energy Saving & Carbon Reduction are both about getting to grips with establishing your financial and ethical interests in practical terms, procedures and opportunities

- and this is what we do for clients and have always done for decades. The consultancy is consistently discussing and dealing with new issues, bringing in new people and evolving expert reliable and experienced opinion to fully represent your interests. We welcome new meetings, prospective clients and all referrals. There are no limits to scales of advice or options.
We provide positive and versatile approaches towards solutions and we both profile confidential opinions and proffer advice and services for householders, site - landowners and business, corporate, investment, multi-national and institutional interests.

Civic is a multi-professional medium sized consultancy based on decades of experience of providing for Applications Permissions and more recently of Energy and Carbon Saving, working with clients and associates throughout London and the Regions. Get in touch to consider our expertise and experience and how these could benefit your interests.

contact us for further information, approaches and services and to discuss interests

We are made up of core professional Planning, Listed Buildings, Building Control and Energy and Carbon expertise of experienced professional specialists.

Your work will be managed in confidence by a principal and you are able to give requisite direction and participation wherever you wish.
- we are fully able to provide additional supportive specialist expertise wherever required.


We encourage clients where they wish to promote their own specific rationales considering proposals offering professional representations and profiling confidential opinions.

Prospective clients are always welcome to discuss project concepts and details well in advance of initiation or subsequently.



Established in 1984, the consultancy covers the entire planning process from advice, architectural drawings, floorspace and elevations designs, materials and works, uses and conditions changes, policy considerations, sites and land planning proposals at all levels, immediate and longer term.

The consultancy has been offering energy advice since the 1990's and more recently has set up a comprehensive formal energy and carbon facility to be made productive use of at your discretion.

Our inclusive single or multiple services facilitate the needs of overseas clients and we do always attempt to go the extra mile for you.


Freely discuss details or refer to us in confidence.


Further, we actively prompt interests for clients of sales of sites and land, inclusive of planning options or permissions in both rural and city areas.



Working With Us

Our consultancy welcomes client and client staff engagement, new personnel and specialist skills for effective project opportunities, providing mainstream and processes in planning, energy and carbon saving, listed buildings and computer aided design.